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A good book is the best of friends. The reflection is probably as old as books are. Today we could extend the idea to a good movie, a good record, a good video, a good dvd, etc. And what about a good website? A good website is the best of friends. Sounds good. And really, the wood industry produces – besides an unsurpassed number of bright articles – a lot of highly enjoyable websites too, some of them combining reading, listening and watching.

As a visitor: enjoy your surfing! Now there is only one address to remember, make goforwood.info your favourite site and have a direct line to the fascinating world of wood at any time.

As an exhibitor: now your presence on the internet is easier and cheaper than ever! Subscription is free. The life and welfare of this portal is wholely depending on the generosity of its sponsors and advertisers.

Wood. The word can hardly be shorter. The meaning of it, the importance and the value for humanity can hardly be measured. For that reason we urge the governors of all the countries of this world: PLEASE TAKE CARE OF OUR FORESTS, they are the guarantee of a healthy and wealthy future and offer protection against natural calamity.

If you like wood, you’ll love to visit goforwood.info.

Both natural and engineered wood are the principal topics, including those industries which use and recycle secondary products such as sawdust, chips or waste and wood from demolition, in order to make new useful products.

Using the links to the various websites you will find a lot of them explaining and promoting a philosophy of careful forest management. A number of associations and organisations are doing a wonderful pioneer job related to the matter in question. Unfortunately, sometimes mismanagement still causes serious danger for human and animal life. This should be stopped immediately. Whilst researching and surfing various sites we discovered a nice saying : ‘The sound of a good bell is heard far away.’ May this bell be heard in the deepest heart of the rain- and temperate forests all around the world.

GOFORWOOD.INFO: Broaden your horizons
Although this website is far from being complete and will probably never be as it is constantly dealing with an evolving subject, it is growing every day, day after day. Just like the fauna and the flora, it needs good management and regeneration. The information will always be valuable however. In order to be accurate and up-to-date we need your feedback. Use our e-mail or mail-address to send us your press-communication, company brochures or other news. If you are a newcomer and think it is important to broaden your horizons, join us, like so many before you. You will find a subscription form using the appropriate button on the home page and further information regarding the possibilities and conditions for linking, advertising and sponsoring.

As the home page states, the Info Section offers free link-to-information possibilities, technical specifications, instructions for use etc, if that information is freely available and interesting for the promotion of wood products. This information may be provided either by public or by private companies. Category B is the press and exhibition area. Editors, designers and organizers are invited to use the area to announce headlines and events. The other categories offer search possibilities to find suppliers. By ticking the subcategory(ies) related to their activities or products, suppliers are able to show most of their possibilities and by advertising they may even draw the attention to their special capacities or skills.

We wish all our visitors and contributors lots of success, aided by www.goforwood.info, the anchor of all present and future wood professionals.
Enjoy your visit and come back as many times as you wish. Always remember : the forests supply food, water and raw materials to both mankind and the animal kingdom. Let’s continue to take care of them.

Roland Derveaux