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A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people
Franklin D. Roosevelt -

Baeten Houthandel Bvba

Company details
A. Sauwenlaan 9
3650, Dilsen-Stokkem

telephone:+32 8975 5012
fax:+32 8975 6515

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In the following categories

C.A. The Wood Industry - Sågverksindustri - A Indústria da Madeira

» C.a.f. Saw-mill or Staple, Wood Industry; Sågverk; Serração
» C.a.i. Impregnation, Fire Protection, Preservation; Träskydd; Impregnação

E.B. Machining & Woodworking - Träbearbetning - Trabalhando a Madeira

» E.b.a. General Wood- and Panelworking & cutting; Allmänt Träbearbetning; Processamento de Madeira
» E.b.v. Planing; Hyvleriet; Aplanar de Superfície

F.B. Trading - Handel - Comercio

» F.b.b. Merchants; Trävaruhandeln; Comercio de Madeira
» F.b.b.a. Tropical Wood; Tropiskt Tra; Madeira Tropical
» F.b.b.b. Hardwood; Lovtra; Madeira Dura
» F.b.b.c. Softwood; Barrtra; Madeira de Pinus
» F.b.b.d. All Kinds of Woodproducts & Panels; Sortiment av Skivor och Trä; Produtos de Madeira e Derivados
» F.b.d. Building Supplies, Shops, Hardware, Home Improvement, DIY; Bygg och Industrihandeln; Bricolage

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