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October 2014
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Upcoming events:
  • Russia: Lesdrevmash
    (Oct 20 until Oct 23)
  • Spain: ExpoBiomasa
    (Oct 21 until Oct 23)
  • NC, USA: High Point Market
    (Oct 18 until Oct 23)
  • MD, USA: Remodeling, Deck, JLC
    (Oct 23 until Oct 24)
  • Italy: SAIE
    (Oct 22 until Oct 25)
  • Peru: Fenafor
    (Oct 25 until Oct 27)
  • Mexico: Expo forestal
    (Oct 29 until Oct 31)
  • Belgium: La foret, source de vie
    (Sep 15 until Oct 31)

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people
Franklin D. Roosevelt -
The timber supply chain - LA FILIERE BOIS - De Houtkolom - DIE HOLZKETTE - La cadena forestal y madera - LA FILIERA FORESTA-LEGNO - A fileira da madeira

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Recent offers for agents & importers:

All kinds of wood products;
beech, oak; boards, planks, strips, parquet, furniture and more from Ukraine (22.08.14)

Asian species from China (21.08.14)

Solid furniture
and frames from Latvia (12.08.14)

and other boards, commercial, wbp, film faced from China (07.08.14)

furniture, outdoor furniture, dining chairs and tables, coffee tables, sun beds and lounger chairs from China (29.07.14)

commercial, film faced, marine... from China (11.07.14)

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The International Green Gazette

STORM... ook over De Beitel (2014-10-21)

Wood Excellent Price 2014 (2014-10-21)

At the recent World Architecture Festival (WAF) the Alex Munroe Studio by DSDHA in London, UK was awarded the inaugural Wood Excellence Prize chosen from a shortlist of projects from around the globe with the only criteria being wood as an integral part.

U.S. sawn hardwood exports to Europe rise 12% (2014-10-21)

U.S. sawn hardwood exports to Europe were 201,000 m3 in the first six months of 2014, a 12.4% gain compared to the same period the previous year. Export value increased 20% to $154.6 million. Trade was boosted by a 40% rise in the volume of exports to the UK, which amounted to 53,910 m3 during the six month period. Such was the pace of exports that the UK overtook Italy to become the largest volume market for U.S. sawn hardwood in the first half of 2014.

Tulipwood CLT, Table Turned by Alex de Rijke for The Wish List, LDF - © Petr Krejci Photography

Forests in the UNECE region are expanding (2014-10-21)

The UNECE region as a whole has 1.89 billion ha of forest land, 41.4% of the global total, as compared to 34.8% of global land area and 18.3% of the population.  The region’s share of the world’s forests is one percentage point more than ten years ago because UNECE region forests have expanded while the total of those elsewhere has declined. 

Massivholzmoebel sind immer en vogue (2014-10-21)

Möbel aus Echtholz trotzen allen kurzfristigen Modeerscheinungen

Dank traditioneller Handwerkskunst bleiben dem Möbel die einzigartigen Eigenschaften des Holzes erhalten