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April 2015
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Upcoming events:
  • NC, USA: High Point Market
    (Apr 18 until Apr 23)
  • Thailand: 4th Biobased World Asia
    (Apr 21 until Apr 23)
  • France: Intermat
    (Apr 20 until Apr 25)
  • Germany: Tag des Deutschen Fertigbaus
    (Apr 26)
  • Kenya: Afriwood
    (May 2 until May 5)
  • Belgium: AEBIOM Bioenergy Conference
    (May 4 until May 6)
  • Qatar: Project Qatar
    (May 4 until May 7)
  • Germany: Interzum
    (May 5 until May 8)

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people
Franklin D. Roosevelt -

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GOFORWOOD.INFO, the international domain and portal to the forestal, woodworking and related trades, will be for sale soon
- Prospective buyers are invited to contact the present owner at roland.derveaux@telenet.be
- Advertising possible on home- and each category page
- Advertisers may be found among the suppliers to the woodworking industries: forest equipment; woodworking machinery and tools; glues, lacquers and chemicals; timber and wood products; accessories; anything else compatible with wood...

The timber supply chain - LA FILIERE BOIS - De Houtkolom - DIE HOLZKETTE - La cadena forestal y madera - LA FILIERA FORESTA-LEGNO - A fileira da madeira

GOFORWOOD.INFO, featuring The International Green Gazette : the global link between people and companies with an affinity to forests and wood

goforwood.info gathers, links and publishes worldwide inside information from the extensive forestry and wood industry sectors, illustrated by the actors themselves with applications of wood products in the real world. goforwood.info brings news and information to your personal desk. Although logo-links and advertising are welcome, goforwood.info is not a buying and selling e-marketplace.

is an international wood information portal for farmers and foresters, manufacturers and consumers, designers and architects, engineers and technicians, packers and printers, builders and carpenters, joiners and woodworkers, professionals and handymen, authority figures and civilians, teachers and students and many more and last but not least : for all the people caring for the environment and sustainable development.

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Regio WAREGEM/TIELT (.be): dringend ervaren, gemotiveerde MEUBELMAKER gezocht

Recent offers for agents & importers:

Skirting boards and flooring accessories
from Poland (27.03.2015)

Round wood and sawn timber
from Latvia (26.03.2015)

Plywood products,
formwork panels, film faced boards from China (03.03.2015)

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Versatile, Practical, Durable Wood

About loggers, sawyers, carpenters, turners, carvers, joiners...

Modern Times, Now!

Design unlimited

The International Green Gazette

Gulf booming construction sector drives demand for softwood lumber (2015-04-20)

Demand for timber and timber products is expected to witness unprecedented growth in the GCC region on account of the booming construction sector according to a report by Ventures Middle East. With the total value of GCC building contracts awarded expected to surge to USD 91,516 million by the end of this year, the potential for further growth is significant.

Charles Trevor, Consultant to American Softwoods

Wood processing machines and tools to machine non-wood materials (2015-04-17)

“Surprisingly versatile”: special display on wood processing machines and technologies that can also process non-wood materials such as plastics and composites

FSC.NL: Hout koop je met je hart (2015-04-15)

Wanneer je FSC-hout koopt, help je direct mee ontbossing tegen te gaan. Je mag dan ook trots zijn op je FSC-aankoop. Deze boodschap brengt FSC Nederland, samen met haar netwerk van bedrijven en organisaties, in de maand april bij de Nederlandse consument onder de aandacht.

American Hardwood Pavilion at 'Dubai WoodShow 2015' (2015-04-15)

Total exports of U.S. hardwood lumber and veneer to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region reached a record USD 108.93 million for the year 2014, according to the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), the leading international trade association for the American hardwood industry.

Roderick Wiles

Kwaliteit en innovativiteit Decospan beloond met Interzum Award! (2015-04-14)

Decospan biedt met “Querkus” een antwoord op de hedendaagse interieurtrend in Noord-Europa. Het combineren van authentieke materialen met moderne, strakke elementen getuigt van vernieuwing zonder afbreuk te doen aan onze rijke geschiedenis.