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augustus 2014
Hou uw muis op een dag om de gebeurtenissen van die dag te zien!
Eerstvolgende gebeurtenissen:
  • Chile: Semana de la Madera
    (27 aug tot 30 aug)
  • Finland: FinnMETKO
    (28 aug tot 30 aug)
  • Netherlands: Fototentoonstelling Stoomzagerij
    (8 jul tot 31 aug)
  • Germany: spoga+gafa
    (31 aug tot 2 sep)
  • Sweden: Tra & Teknik
    (2 sep tot 5 sep)
  • Chile: Encuentro Forestal Procer
    (5 sep)
  • Austria: Internationale Holzmesse
    (4 sep tot 7 sep)
  • WA, USA: Wooden Boat Festival
    (5 sep tot 7 sep)

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people
Franklin D. Roosevelt -
Augustus 2014
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vr 16 mei - zon 10 augNetherlands: Hout
di 8 jul - zon 31 augNetherlands: Fototentoonstelling Stoomzagerij
don 31 jul - zat 2 augNorway: Wood Boat Festival
woe 6 aug - zat 9 augAustralia: Awisa
don 7 aug - vr 8 augAustralia: DANA
don 7 aug - zon 10 augSpain: La Sierra y el Hombre
zon 10 aug - don 14 augCanada: WCTE
maa 11 aug - di 12 augNew Zealand: DANA
woe 20 aug - zat 23 augGA, USA: IWF
woe 20 aug - vr 22 augChina: Green Construction
don 21 aug - zon 24 augCanada: Vancouver Wooden Boat
vr 22 aug - zat 23 augSweden: MellanskogsElmia
woe 27 aug - zat 30 augChile: Semana de la Madera
don 28 aug - zat 30 augFinland: FinnMETKO
zon 31 aug - di 2 sepGermany: spoga+gafa


Netherlands: Hout
‘Hout’ is een tentoonstelling over het materiaal hout, en het landschap waar het vandaan komt: het bos. Veel van de kwaliteiten die hout worden toegedicht – natuurlijk, warm, puur – zijn ontleend aan het bos. Het bos als toevluchtsoord, als bron van leven, en als vrijplaats voor experiment is al eeuwenlang een inspiratiebron voor architecten, ontwerpers en kunstenaars. Maar het bos is ook een kunstmatig landschap. Een door de markt gedreven productiemachine die op gespannen voet staat met elke vorm van romantiek.
Netherlands: Fototentoonstelling Stoomzagerij
Foto's en films over Stoomhoutzagerij Nahuis, deze expositie MAG u niet missen! In samenwerking met de Stichting Stoomhoutzagerij Nahuis Groenlo wordt in de Stadsboerderij Grolle een expositie gehouden over de stoomhoutzagerij. Ruim tweehonderd foto's brengen de geschiedenis van Stoomhoutzagerij Nahuis in beeld, van het oorspronkelijke bedrijf tot en met het huidige museum. De expositie begint op 8 juli a.s. en loopt tot eind augustus. De foto's laten zien hoe Stoomhoutzagerij Nahuis vroeger een bedrijf was en hoe het uiteindelijk een museum is geworden. In de vitrinekasten vindt u nog originele werktuigen en gereedschappen, zoals die vroeger in de stoomhoutzagerij werden gebruikt. Via de beeldschermen in de Stadsboerderij kunt u historisch filmmateriaal zien.
Norway: Wood Boat Festival
Welcome to a celebration of the world's finest boats and the most delightful aspects of maritime culture. With an even greater focus on wooden boats, sea culture and traditional handicrafts the festival shows no sign of veering off course. More and more people come to Risør to experience the town during its busiest weekend, and we wish to welcome you to this unique experience for all boat lovers. An armada of old and new wooden boats, with or without motors, visits Risør Wooden Boat Festival every year. The atmospheric harbour is surrounded by a bustling exhibition of demonstrations from purveyors of maritime crafts. Kids are catered for in a designated area, and the young ones even get a chance to make their own wooden boat souvenirs. Look out for the street parades and the entertainment from a myriad of stages.
Australia: Awisa
The AWISA 2014 exhibition will take place at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, South Bank, Brisbane, from 6-9 August 2014. The exhibition is the must-see event for everyone in woodworking and associated industries and professions. Furniture manufacturers, cabinet makers, kitchen manufacturers, door, window and moulding manufacturers, joinery manufacturers, architects, designers, shop and office fitters, builders, and other wood, timber and panel processing industries are welcome to attend.
Australia: DANA
DANA “Australian Forest Industry Sector: Its Status in 2014 and Trends Going Forward” Conference in Melbourne Australia, August 7 & 8, 2014
Spain: La Sierra y el Hombre
El Festival de la Sierra y el Hombre (FSH) es un evento de carácter etnográfico que gira en torno a la cultura de la madera en particular y los valores antropológicos del Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas
Canada: WCTE
2014 World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE 2014) to be held August 10-14 in Quebec City, Canada, the birthplace of Canada’s wood industry. WCTE is the most prestigious international event in timber engineering, engineered wood products and design of timber structures, which is held biannually in different parts of the world and attracts researchers, engineers and architects, code consultants and building officials, contractors and project managers, fabricators and suppliers from all continents.
New Zealand: DANA
DANA “New Zealand Forest Industry Sector: Its Status in 2014 and Trends Going Forward” Conference in Rotorua New Zealand, August 11 & 12, 2014
The International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta is the trade show where the most top management and qualified buyers go to source their products and find solutions for their business. These professionals come from a broad range of industries related to the cabinetry, architectural wood, home furnishings, business furnishings and related material processing machinery, supply and service industries. These customers are looking for products like CNC machinery, tooling, lumber, finishing, sharpening, laminates, hardware, adhesives, moulding, doors, windows, routers, saw blades and accessories and much more.
China: Green Construction
To promote building energy, land, water, materials, environment-friendly building materials enterprises in the market for the purpose of use in order to build sales, display, brand and technology promotion as a means for companies to create huge opportunities in the China (Shanghai) Building Energy and new building materials exhibition, has been to create a "green building materials first exhibition in Asia." Exhibition development for nearly ten years, well versed in green building is not energy efficient building technologies superposition should be systematic application of innovative energy-saving building materials. Green Construction Fair advocate green culture, primitive low-carbon, in pursuit of a simple, harmonious architecture and living concept. The show enhances in 2014, it sets the areas of building energy efficiency and new building materials, indoor heating systems and new energy equipment, wooden green house, integrated housing and light steel structure, energy saving windows and doors and architectural shade, structure, building materials and construction parts pieces, roof and vertical greening villa facilities, outdoor home, sauna and swimming pool, building electrical, building materials production and processing machinery and equipment area, will reach seven museum, 80,000 square meters, 80,000 professional visitors, dozens of theme forums and seminars, closely integrated green energy building development, occupying leading positions forefront of the number of excellent building materials business and technology to the market, to overseas, together to create safe, energy saving, environmental protection, low-carbon, green building comfortable.
Canada: Vancouver Wooden Boat
Ahoy there! Afloat and ashore there will be big boats and small boats, sail boats and power boats, fishing boats and tug boats, row boats and kayaks – a little something for everyone. Beware the “Buccaneers of the Black Fleet” roaming the site daily and up to maritime shenanigans! Learn to tie some knots, participate in kid's boat building, family boat building, sing some sea shanties and maritime ballads or partake in a Viking raid. There will be small boat races on Saturday and the “Spruce Cup” race for larger sailing vessels out on English Bay on Sunday afternoon. You will end up with a celebration of our North West Coast Maritime Heritage. on Granville Island, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sweden: MellanskogsElmia
Världens ledande skogsmässearrangör Elmia och en av Sveriges största skogsägarföreningar Mellanskog, kommer tillsammans att genomföra tre skogsmässor i Mellansverige. Mässorna kommer att heta MellanskogsElmia och den första mässan hålls den 22-23 augusti 2014.
Chile: Semana de la Madera
La Semana de la Madera 2014 se llevará a cabo entre los días 27 y 30 de agosto en Estación Mapocho. Esta nueva versión, se perfila como el gran encuentro para la difusión sobre el uso de la madera en Chile integrando: muestras, concursos, charlas nacionales e internacionales, visitas guiadas de escolares, entre otros.
Finland: FinnMETKO
FinnMETKO – the most important professional and sales exhibition of heavy machinery industry in Finland. Commercialism, work demonstrations carried out in real working conditions and test drives of machines and devices are the exhibition’s central themes.
Germany: spoga+gafa
Auch in diesem Spätsommer liegen neue Inspirationen und frische Impulse in der Garten-Luft. Vom 31.08. bis zum 02.09.2014 wird Köln wieder zum Treffpunkt der Gartenbranche. Seien auch Sie vor Ort, wenn rund 40.000 Fachbesucher auf der Weltleitmesse Trends entdecken, Ideen sammeln und Kontakte knüpfen.