Choosing a garage door


Choosing a garage door is not easy, there are some factors to consider when you want to change your garage door. First, you should know the type of DoReMi Garage Door you want for your garage. There is extensive range of door types to select. You can choose an automated door for your garage or a manually operated one. You can also opt for a steel door, or wooden door depending on your preference. However sliding steel doors are preferred because they are strong and durable. This are the factor you should consider when deciding to change your garage door.


Manual or automated

When choosing between manual or automated most people will prefer an automated garage door. Automatic garage doors are convenient in that you do not have to get out of your car to open the door when you want to drive out or into your garage. Automated doors come with a remote sensor that is used to open and close. This garage doors usually are powered by electricity.

Wooden vs steel door

Depending on your style and test you can pick a wooden garage door or a steel door. However, steel doors are ideal since they last longer. Steel doors come in different of designs. Wooden doors usually need waterproof painting to prevent damage from water. However, wooden doors can withstand wear and tear when compared to the steel doors which are prone to rust.

Maintains and durability

While choosing a garage door maintenance and durability should be considered, the cost of repairs should be low and the door should be durable. Regular maintenance guarantees safety and prevents accidents. Well balancing of a garage door and adjustment of rollers tracks, and springs ensure smooth usage. However, you should consider hiring professional door repairers for better service.


dooraFor proper installation of a garage door enough space is needed. The garage door should be handled and fixed with care to prevent breaking or scratches. Most door frames are ready-made for easy and convenient installation. Having a qualified company do the door installation for you will ensure your safety.



The cost for garage door installation depends on the type of door and the company that is fixing the door for you. Some company can charge you depending on the size of the garage door. The cost may also increase significantly if you opt for an automated garage door. You should agree on the price before the door is repaired or changed.…