Tips for hiring a paving contractor


If you need to resurface your asphalt paving, pave your driveway or landscape your area by adding a pathway, parking area or asphalt pad. Such projects will enhance the look of your property and also add value to it. Hiring a qualified and experienced paving contractor is essential. They come with the skill and knowledge to do quality work, that will last. What does one look for when hiring such a contractor? Below are tips to hiring a paving contractor.

Hiring a paving contractor

Where to search


To begin with, you can talk to people who have had a paving project done to their premises. This is an excellent way of finding a contractor whose work has been tested and sampled. Get to find out how the experience was working with the said contractor and whether they can recommend them for your project. Secondly, one can do an online search of companies that provide this service within there region. One will be able to find an array of companies that it is essential to do research on. One can also talk to their local hardware supply store and ask if they know any contractor they can recommend. Professionals in the same field are networked and know each other.

Ask about experience

Get to find out what the experience of the contractor is. How many years have they been in the industry? Are they able to educate you in the process they will be undertaking as they handle your project? The working crew should also be experienced and it is essential to have a well-trained crew leader on site all the time.


The contractor needs to have the license to operate. They also need to have the proper building permits according to the state laws to ensure construction work takes place. Insurance is also important. The contractor needs to provide proof of insurance. This is essential to ensure that you are not liable for any injuries or damages that may occur while the work is being done. Likewise, a contractor who has the proper insurance show their professionalism.

Past job, references and reputation

When interviewing the contractor, get to ask for references of past jobs done. The paving contractor should be able to provide this. One should make calls, to find out about the work that was done and also make site visits to check on the quality of work. Furthermore, get to research on the reputation of the paving contractor. Check their website and review construction sites to see what people are saying about them.

Get costs and written contract

xzkjsdkjdskjskjssjjsaTalk to different contractors, get quotes of costs, it is recommended to have at least three. Compare warranty and price which should indicate the materials being used, quantity, cost and labor cost. The quotes should have the same asphalt or concrete mix(quantity and type), ensure to have a minimum compact thickness when communicating to get the right and same quote.

Once you zero in on a paving contractor ensure to get a written contract of the work that will be done. This should include scheduling and duration the project will take, total job costs that include applicable taxes, terms of payment, the projects details e.g. asphalt thickness, size of the area to be paved and base specs, warranty and terms and conditions of the agreement.